Gordon-Nash Library

The Gordon-Nash Library is a non-profit library in New Hampton, New Hampshire, operated by New Hampton School. This library was established, endowed, and this building erected, through the generous bequest of Stephen Gordon Nash (1822-1894), a ripe scholar, a just judge, and an upright man. He gave the fruits of industry and thrift to bless the village of his birth.

Please watch our video on how to reserve items in the library catalog.

Curbside Pickup:

We have missed you and are hard at work on a contactless curbside service to help reconnect. This will offer you the ability to request materials via email or phone or by using your library card number to request and place holds through our online catalog, then pick up at the Library. While the main floor of the library is open to NHS students and faculty, it will be some time before we will allow general access to the building. As we make the best of a challenging time, we are now offering this opportunity to get materials to you. Please see the bullets below with clear steps for retrieving and leaving books.

Also, starting September 15 the state-run interlibrary loan system will once again be running. You can send requests either by email or phone and we will fill those at the same time and put them out for curbside.

Steps for Curbside Pick-up/Return at the Gordon-Nash Library at NHS

  1. The Library will begin to circulate books (and other items) to library members through a Curbside Program starting Wednesday, September 16. The work of integrating several thousand books from NHS into the Gordon-Nash Library collection is ongoing, particularly in the area of non-fiction. Currently the following categories are now available: 14 Day Titles… Fiction…YA (Young Adult) Fiction… Children’s Books…Non-Fiction (limited) and Family Craft Bags
  • Through the Curbside Program, library members may search the online catalogue (available on https://gordonnashlibrary.org/ – Click the button marked “CATALOG”) and request that a title(s) be reserved for them three different ways:

                  Reservation of the book within the catalog system

                  An email, including title and author, to library@newhampton.org

                  A voicemail with your name and the book title and author at (603) 677-3740

                  (Please limit your requests to a maximum of ten (10) titles at a time.)

  • Once a request is received, library staff will locate the book(s) and notify you via phone and/or email, confirming that your order is ready for pick up
  • Instructions for Picking Up Books

Book(s) will be in a transparent plastic bag with your name on the outside, available for pick up in the dark green bin outside the lower entrance

New Hampton is a “masked campus,” so please wear a mask at all times

If someone is ahead of you at the bin, please keep a respectful distance of 6 feet at least while you wait your turn

  • Instructions for Returning Books

When returning items, please use the book drop in the front door. In the event that the drop is full, books may be left in the lower drawer of the green bin at the rear entrance. Again, kindly remember that masks are required at all times on the NHS campus.  Returned books will not be available immediately as they need to spend 4 days in quarantine

We thank you for your patience and are excited about serving the broader community once again. Reminder: under the current restrictions imposed by Covid, the main floor of the library and the main entrance is reserved for use by students and staff of New Hampton School only. Restrictions include facemasks for all, regular Covid testing, extensive daily disinfecting of spaces and strictly limiting visitors coming to campus (including parents). See New Hampton School Health and Wellness | Student Wellness and Support.

Also, check out our Facebook page for updates at https://www.facebook.com/gordonnashlib

Jerrica Blackey Library Director

The Library renovations began in March and we are moving back in and combining both the Gordon-Nash and New Hampton School collections. As the school’s priority is the health and safety of all library users, we plan to reopen as soon as it is safe for everyone. In the interim, please see the latest photos below. To receive updates, please email library@newhampton.org with your current email address to join our mailing list to receive updates.

Photos of the renovations as of July 8, 2020 are below. We are organizing bookshelves in a way to best fit the needs of the town and the students. The furniture and other essential items will begin to arrive at the end of the month. We have begun to work on the catalog to enter books from the New Hampton School and remove damaged outdated ones from the Gordon-Nash Library. Thank you everyone for being patient while we work to open as soon as it makes the best sense during these times.

Prior photos of the renovation process over the past few months. This has been an amazing transformation and we hope everyone will be excited as we are.

Renovations as of June 4, 2020.

Current renovations as of April 13, 2020.

Library before the start of the renovations…

Packing up the books…

Construction begins.

Walk through the library with Kent!

Note: In case of inclement weather, please look for “New Hampton, Gordon-Nash Library” on WMUR for updates on closings.


Jerrica Blackey, Director
Kent Bicknell, Ed.D., Curator of Special Collections
Christine Hunewell, Children’s Program Coordinator

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