Local Author: Stephen Miller at the Gordon-Nash Library!


Saturday, April 16th

Local Author Stephen Miller will read from his book, ” The Adventures of Fabina & Friends,” and will be signing copies, that will be available to purchase.


Great for any age!



Happy New Year!

Happy ‘Noon’ Year!

What fun the last day of 2015 was at the Gordon-Nash! Children were treated to a special Storytime, where we read favorite books from this last year, then made noisemakers and hats to celebrate the ‘Noon” Year!

We read If I Built a House by Chris Van Dusen, the book that won the NH Ladybug Award last year. This book models creativity as the boy in the story plans the house of his dreams. Afterward we each talked about our favorite room in his futuristic house. Next, a funny book called A Piece of Cake by LeUyen Pham, about Mouse, who bakes a cake for his friend Bird but meets with problems along the way as he goes to deliver it. I love this book because it has the most unexpected surprises on each page but it all comes to a very satisfying conclusion by the end of the story. At the end of our session, we read Brandie’s favorite, Really Rabbits by Virginia Kroll, about two pet rabbits who help their family members at night while everyone’s asleep. We thought it was so funny that they cooked and cleaned and folded the laundry!


For our crafts, we first decorated party hats, then we began to make our ‘Noon” Years noisemakers! We designed covers for paper towel rolls, glued them on, then added crepe paper streamers to one end. We made funny noises as we held them up to our mouths. Quickly, some of us realized we could add our party hat to this noisemaker to make fireworks or a rocket!

We also decorated two paper bowls, then put beans in one. A grown up hot-glued the other bowl to the top so the beans wouldn’t come out. When we held the bowls, we could rattle it a little for anice quiet sound, or a lot for a LOUD sound!

Just before noon, we sat together in front of the clock, and watched the two hands creep closer and closer to the 12. Then we counted down: 15…14…13… all the way to 3…2…1 – and then we threw our streamers in the air, sounded our noisemakers, and yelled “HAPPY NOON YEAR”!

HAPPY 2016!

Before we went home, we all shared goodies brought by parents – juice boxes, animal crackers, cheese sticks, fruit snacks, Rice Krispie treats, cookies! Yum! It was a great ‘Noon’ Year’s Eve party! Many thanks to the parents and  the kids who made it possible, and to the library patrons who came to join in the fun!

October Art Club!

block printingCome join in the fun with Art Club! This month learn the basics of printmaking.

Instructor: Jessica Fligg


Friday October 23, from 3:30 to 4:30 at the Gordon-Nash Library.

$10.00 per person. Children under 18 must be with a guardian.

Turtle Time!

Drop in anytime in the next two weeks to make yourself a colorful paper plate turtle with a tissue paper shell!


New Books from Summer Reading Heroes!

These are but a few of the new books donated to support this year’s Summer Reading Program, Every Hero Has a Story. These picture book biographies were carefully selected by library staff, then willing patrons signed up to provide us with the book of their choice. Thanks to the generosity of these “Summer Reading Heroes”, we now have more beautifully illustrated biographies of famous people like Jane Goodall, Amelia Earhart, Malala Yousafzai, Robert Frost, Clara Lemlich, Rachel Carson, Henri Matisse, and others. These books portray the subjects, not just as adults, but also as young children so readers are able to see the early traits and characteristics that helped to make each person an important contributor to our culture or our society.
Each of these wonderful books carries a special bookplate in the front that names the donor. On behalf of the Gordon-Nash Library and the children who visit it, we thank the following patrons for their thoughtful donations:
Eileen Curran-Kondrad
Mark & Theo Denoncour
Linda & Mike Dowal
Michelle DuBreuil
Pat Hoertdoerfer
Becky Lougee
Brandie Martinez
Shana Martinez
Wendy Pietroniro
Trudy Powers
Wendy Schongalla

Great Magic!

How’d He DO That? The Magic of Andrew Pinard!

Our Summer Reading Program kicked off tonight with an amazing performance by award-winning performer Andrew Pinard. The downstairs room was packed and full of wonder and laughter as Andrew Pinard wowed children and adults alike with his magic and entertaining stories. What a fabulous night!
When the show was over, several young audience members bolted upstairs and took out every kids’ book about magic that the library owns! One adult said it was the best children’s program he had seen. What an impression Andrew Pinard made!
This performance was funded in part by a Kids, Books, and the Arts grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services with an added contribution by the Friends of the Gordon-Nash Library. Thank you to both groups for bringing such a wonderful talent to New Hampton and our Summer Reading Program.


Summer Reading Program!


Superheroes! Community heroes!
Animal heroes! All kinds of heroes!
Tuesday nights 6:30-7:30,
June 23rd – August 11th

Stop in to sign up !


It’s Summer!

Beach Days are finally here! To celebrate, at Storytime we read books about the ocean and the beach. Miranda’s Beach Day by Holly Keller told about a child and her mom spending time at the beach and showed a beautiful sand castle. Surfer Chick by Kristy Dempsey was about the daughter of a famous surfer and how hard she worked to learn to surf like her dad. Our last story, Bats At The Beach by Brian Lies told about all the fun things bats did when they flew to the beach one night.

Using a paper plate as a base, we made ocean scenes showing some of the things you might find at the beach. A sandpaper strip at the bottom was the beach sand, then strips of tissue paper in blues and greens were glued on to make the water. Some fish and a crab could be colored to add to the scene, but plain paper was also provided so kids could add their own creatures – an octopus, a dolphin, a starfish, even some seaweed and a mermaid were all drawn, colored, cut out, and glued to the scene.
Have fun at the beach – Happy Summer!