It’s Summer!

Beach Days are finally here! To celebrate, at Storytime we read books about the ocean and the beach. Miranda’s Beach Day by Holly Keller told about a child and her mom spending time at the beach and showed a beautiful sand castle. Surfer Chick by Kristy Dempsey was about the daughter of a famous surfer and how hard she worked to learn to surf like her dad. Our last story, Bats At The Beach by Brian Lies told about all the fun things bats did when they flew to the beach one night.

Using a paper plate as a base, we made ocean scenes showing some of the things you might find at the beach. A sandpaper strip at the bottom was the beach sand, then strips of tissue paper in blues and greens were glued on to make the water. Some fish and a crab could be colored to add to the scene, but plain paper was also provided so kids could add their own creatures – an octopus, a dolphin, a starfish, even some seaweed and a mermaid were all drawn, colored, cut out, and glued to the scene.
Have fun at the beach – Happy Summer!

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